“When I was helpless, he saved me…” (Psalm 1:16)

As youngsters our neighborhood kids would play street ball or baseball. The minute we got home we usually would drop our books and begin playing with our neighborhood friends. Many times a parent in the neighborhood would have a dad that had great enthusiasm and knowledge of sports. As soon as he would arrive home, we’d ask him to come and play ball, and of course he couldn’t resist.

His appearance in our huddle and on our team changed the whole game. He was confident, strong, and most of all he had a plan because of his life long experience. Many times we would circle around him and he would look at us and say, “OK, here is what we’re going to do.” You see, we also had a new plan, but as a confident leader he brought new life to our team.

God does exactly the same. We don’t need a new play, we need to follow God’s plan in our daily lives. We don’t need to take new positions on the mission field, we need to become a new strong player in our home and community. The leader of our team should be Jesus Christ, God’s first born Son. We need to place ourselves firmly in the “grip” of His grace.