Your gift to God’s Work will help this dedicated effort for the Lord more than you will ever know.

Please listen to “God’s Still Voice in your Heart” as He leads and guides you in what He would have you do.

This ministry began 106 years ago, when Alpha Humbard began preaching in the hills of Arkansas.

His son Rex continued this outreach for the Lord for more than 67 years. The ministry expanded around the world with weekly television programs to more than 2000 TV stations, broadcasting in 77 different languages.

Today, Rex Humbard’s two oldest sons, Rex Jr and Don, who have worked by his side for more than 40 years are continuing the outreach ministry of the Rex Humbard Foundation, originally incorporated and in 1954.

With so many millions still in need of the Gospel all over the world, the Foundation’s purpose is simple:
Where someone is hungry, we will offer food.
Where someone is thirsty, we will offer water.
Where someone is naked, we will offer clothing.
For the homeless, shelter. For the sick, care.
But most important we will offer Gods Plan of Salvation.
For those lost to a life of sin, we offer God’s simple plan of salvation. We will never waver from this commitment for the scripture says, “ For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36)

Our Goal is to “Reach the Lost At Any Cost.” To touch lost and hurting souls with God’s message of hope and love. For more than 106 years this Family has tried in every way to proclaim the Gospel and minister the Word of God to those in need: physically, spiritually and financially, according to Luke 6:38 from God’s Holy Word.

Your support for this effort can make an enormous impact for the Cause of Christ, leading many to our wonderful Lord, and literally “Rewriting Eternity.” Please make a “Seed of Faith” gift today in the “Fertile Soil of Salvation.” Prayerfully consider one of these Luke 6:38 Gifts.

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